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The public educational screening license of I AM ELEVEN is now available worldwide!

** In order to show the film in any setting outside of your home, including in a library catalog, you must purchase the public performance rights. 

This license permits multiple screenings so long as tickets are not sold. 
(If you would like to sell tickets, please visit the Community Screening page).

What comes with my purchase?

  • Public screening license 
  • 2 x 94-minute theatrical DVDs of I AM ELEVEN
  • Extensive educational resources, including access to our web portal and international pen pal program. 
  • 55-minutes of bonus features, including "Where are they now?" videos, filmmaker Q&As, extra scenes and a video showing the making of the soundtrack with composer Nick Huggins!
  • English subtitles (closed captions available)
We do offer reduced rates to grass roots groups and other organizations with small audiences and smaller budgets. If this sounds like you, please contact us

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